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151 Death place may have been Lexington, Lafayette County, Missouri. Gay Agnes (I1307)
152 Death place may have been Littleton, Illinois. Kirkham Robert John (I1259)
153 Death registry lists birth/death in 1916, birth registry lists birth/death in 1917. Bloom Infant (I908)
154 Died after 1895.

Marriage may have been 1878 in Klamath, California. 
Chesbro Carrie (I122)
155 Died as an infant in Boone, IA. Yegge Marguerite (I3201)
156 Died as an infant in Boone, IA. Yegge Clarence (I3202)
157 died as baby--before mary Bloom Joseph (I427)
158 Died at age one month of pneumonia. Buried in St. Peter's Cemetery in Saratoga Springs, NY, in an unmarked grave. Jack Tragni (brother) tried to locate the gravesite but was told records were destroyed in a fire.

Name may have been Elizabeth?
Tragni Mary (I2043)
159 Died before 1900 because husband is designated widowed in the 1900 census.
O'Meara Mary Ellen (I2353)
160 Died between 1910 census and 1915 Iowa census (his wife is widowed in 1915).

From 1870 census:
Name: John Costello
Birth Year: abt 1853
Age in 1870: 17
Birthplace: Canada
Home in 1870: Waterford, Clinton, Iowa
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Camanche
Household Members:
Name Age
Matthew Costello 46
Mary Costello 40
John Costello 17
Ann Costello 16
Thomas Costello 14
Eliza Costello 12
Mary Costello 10
Catherine Costello 8
Ellen Costello 6
Agnes Costello 3/12

From 1900 census:
Name: John M Costello
[John Z Costello]
Home in 1900: Waterford, Clinton, Iowa
Age: 48
Birth Date: Mar 1852
Birthplace: Canada E
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1853
Relationship to Head of House: Head
Father's Birthplace: Canada E
Mother's Birthplace: Canada E
Spouse's name: Kate
Marriage Year: 1878
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 22
Residence : Waterford Township, Clinton, Iowa
Household Members:
Name Age
John M Costello 48
Kate Costello 42
Matthew Costello 21
Francis Costello 20
Mary Costello 18
Margaret Costello 16
Anastasia Costello 14
Gertrude Costello 11
Annie Costello 9
Mabel Costello 7
Joseph Costello 4
Occupation is farmer.

From 1910 census:
Name: John M Costelle
[John M Costello]
Age in 1910: 58
Estimated birth year: abt 1852
Birthplace: Canada
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Ireland
Mother's Birth Place: Canada
Spouse's name: Kate
Home in 1910: Waterford, Clinton, Iowa
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Year of Immigration: 1853
Household Members:
Name Age
John M Costelle 58
Kate Costelle 52
Mary A Costelle 28
Anna S Costelle 24
Gertrude Costelle 21
Anna R Costelle 18
Mabel A Costelle 16
Joesepk J Costelle 14
Raymond E Costelle 8
Matt Monford 27
Costello John M. (I2342)
161 Died of a brain tumor. Mattson Roger (I2054)
162 Died soon after birth.

Massachusetts archives volume 593 page 132

Boston birth registry lists his parents' address as 45 Minot St. Father's occupation listed as porter. 
Zinkowski John (I1782)
163 Died suddenly in the bathroom of a blood clot. Rutherford Griffith (I63)
164 Died young (about 30) of cancer. Mattson Karen (I2055)
165 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bloom William Leo (I2084)
166 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bloom Catherine Ann (I332)
167 Divorced K. Ernest Yargus and then married William Mayberry. Doyle Joyce Ann (I1886)
168 Divorced. Family F223
169 Do not find her in the 1920 census.

From 1900 census:
Name: Kate Costello
Home in 1900: Waterford, Clinton, Iowa
Age: 42
Birth Date: Jul 1857
Birthplace: Iowa
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relationship to Head of House: Wife
Father's Birthplace: Ireland
Mother's Birthplace: Ireland
Mother: number of living children: 9
Mother: How many children: 9
Spouse's name: John M
Marriage Year: 1878
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 22
Residence : Waterford Township, Clinton, Iowa
Household Members:
Name Age
John M Costello 48
Kate Costello 42
Matthew Costello 21
Francis Costello 20
Mary Costello 18
Margaret Costello 16
Anastasia Costello 14
Gertrude Costello 11
Annie Costello 9
Mabel Costello 7
Joseph Costello 4

From 1915 Iowa census:
Name: Kate Costello
Birth Year: abt 1858
Birth Place: Iowa
Gender: Female
Race: White
Marital Status: Widowed
Census Date: 1915
Residence State: Iowa
Residence County: Clinton
Locality: Waterford
Mother's Birthplace: Ireland
Father's Birthplace: Ireland
Roll: IA1915_109
Line: 482
Household Members:
Name Age
Kate Costello 57 
Kate (I2343)
170 Does not appear in 1870 census as George. However, a George W. appears in the 1880 census. Will assume George and William are the same person, born in about 1863.
Williams George W. (I906)
171 Does not appear in census records later than 1870.
Hansman Julia (I2222)
172 Dorothy spent a lot of time at Izzy's and Isabelle's in Quincy when she was a young girl. She was the local pinball wizard and was able to play for hours on free games. They would finally pay her to get off the table. Austin Dorothy Irene (I3)
173 Dot is listed as her nickname in email from Robert Hoepner.

Her father was probably Walter C. Howes. She was born four years before her mother married Austin Evans.

From 1920 US Census:
Name: Glenna G Mcgoey
Home in 1920: Hume, Bates, Missouri
Age: 30
Estimated birth year: abt 1890
Birthplace: Iowa
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Spouse's name: Tim
Father's Birth Place: Iowa
Mother's Birth Place: Alabama
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Female
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Household Members:
Name Age
Tim Mcgoey 50
Glenna G Mcgoey 30
Gertrude Mcgoey 11
Maxine Mcgoey 8
Adaline Mcgoey 6
Leverne Mcgoey 1
[1 11/12]

Ohio marriage record of 2011 lists her father as Walter Howse (sp) and mother as Gertrude Bloom. She was 21 and a widow (James Siims died in 1909). 
Evans Glenna Gertrude (I2403)
174 Elizabeth may be nickname.

Divorced Carleton Dowse.
Conwell Ethel May (I2169)
175 Ellen Jane wrote poetry and painted and drew fantasy art such as unicorns and fairies. Her dream was to have her art work in a museam
Fawks Ellen Jane (I1391)
176 Email from Tish:

Here is the names I came up with on both sides of my family.

My mom is Audrey Muriel Gowing born on 4-18-27 in Tampa Fla. Her parents are Milan Jerome Gowing born 4-30-1899 in Hudson Michigan died 5-14-84. Her mom is Lillian Louise Irwin born 9-20-1905 in Marian In. died 12-22-88. They were married on 9-20-24.

Milan's parents were Frank Marcellus Gowing born 7-4-1869 in Hudon Michigan. His mom was Alice Ella Reading born 10-5-1871 in Quincy Michigan. She died 2-27-55.

Frank's parents were Americus Ruthfair Gowing and Maryann Jones born 9-29-1843.

Alice's parents were Charles Reading born 7-30-1804 in Belding N.Y. and I believe Hester Nichols born 7-26-1824 in Green City Pa. These dates don't seem right as they would be too old to have kids. These may be grand parents of Alice.

There is also a Lowell Gowing somewhere my mom didn't know where.

Lillian's parents were Robert Irwin and Esther E Lucas born 2-14-1884 in Fulton In. died Dec. 1919.

Esther's parents were John T. Loucas (note spell difference)born 4-20-1858 in Rochester In. Mary A. Ginther born 12-14-1859 in Rochester In.

My dad is Max Hudson Gardner born 10-2-1930 in I believe Muleshoe Texas. His parents are A.J. Gardner born 11-6-1904 in Hollis OK. His mom was Elizabeth Hudson born 2-9-1905 in Hollis Ok.

A.J.'s dad was Elmer Lewis Gardner born 5-24-1876 in Mexico Missouri. A.J's mom was Mattie Daniel born 2-9-1880 in Dallas Tx.

Elizabeth's mom and dad were Maud Anette Nance born 10-17-1877 in Magnolia Ak. Elizabeth's dad was William F. Hudson born 6-14-1871 in Dothan misssouri.

This is all I have on both sides as of now. I hope the info is correct. Thanks for doing this, I know you have a lot going on right now so no hurry. Thanks for all the help with Chuck.

Talk to you soon,

Gardner Patricia (I142)
177 Emigrated to US in 1848. Settled in Rochester, NY. Wife died in Rochester, NY. Joined some of children in Akron, Ohio, where he died.
Bloom Theodore (I440)
178 Entered Franciscan Sisters PA on August 5, 1933.

From Joseph Conwell. S.J. notes:
St. Xavier's
Marycliff (1st class)
LaCrosse, WI
Med. tech.
M.S. at 65
FSPA Mary Joyce Conwell (I1882)
179 Entered religious profession. Sisters of the Visitation in Rock Island, IL on March 27, 1930. Known as Sr. Pauline Yegge. Yegge Agnes Joan (I630)
180 Entered religious profession. Sisters of the Visitation, Rock Island, IL on 22 January 1958. Known as Sr. Dorothy, Yegge Elizabeth Anne (I3221)
181 Entered religious profession. Sisters of the Visitation, Rock Island, IL on July 16, 1942. Known as Sr. M. Jeanne Yegge. Yegge Mary Yvonne (I3210)
182 Entered Society of Jesus (Jesuits) August 14, 1937.

Mike Marron reports that many of his SJ friends in the District of Columbia area say that Fr. Joe was/is something of an icon for the Jesuits and a theology guru.

Notes from him:
St. Xavier's
Gonzaga High
Ordained June 17, 1950
Regency, Marquet Hi
Taught theo GU '51-52, '55-73
Spokane diocese '73-75
Tertian director '75-84
Sabbatical 85
Writer 85_____
S.J Joseph Francis Conwell (I1884)
183 Entered Society of Jesus (Jesuits) July 18, 1930.
Ordained 1943.

Notes from Joseph Conwell, S.J.:
Lourdes/St. Xavier's
Gonzaga High
Los Gatos/Sheridan
regency Gonz. High
Taught juniorate
Alaska, chancellor
+principal, Copper Valley

Died of cancer.
S.J James Urban Conwell, Jr. (I1881)
184 Essig family tree lists birth as about 1834 and death in 1857. Wilson Margaret (I2868)
185 Essig family tree lists death as 30 Nov. 1912 in Palmyra, Marion, Missouri, USA.
Baxter James William (I2872)
186 Essig source says marriage occurred before 1775 and that she did not stay with husband when he went to Missouri. Also says that she was born in either Germany or Frederick, Virginia.

Last name may be spelled Spears.
Speers Nancy (I2885)
187 Essig tree lists birth year as 1800 in Kentucky, death year as 1892 in Pike, Missouri. One World Tree gives an actual date and location for birth and a different date for death. Fry John (I2850)
188 Exiled to Dublin where he died.

Cynan ab Iago (died c. 1060) was a Welsh Prince, the son of Iago ab Idwal, King of Gwynedd and father of Gruffydd ap Cynan who also became king of Gwynedd.

Iago ab Idwal was king of Gwynedd from 1023 to 1039, but in the latter year he was killed by one of his own men and the throne was seized by Gruffydd ap Llywelyn. Cynan was forced to flee to Ireland and took refuge at the Danish settlement of Dublin. He married Ragnaillt daughter of Olaf of Dublin, son of King Sigtrygg Silkbeard and a member of the Hiberno-Norse dynasty. Ragnaillt, who appears in the list of the fair women of Ireland in the Book of Leinster, was also a descendant of Brian Boru.

Cynan may have died fairly soon after the birth of their son Gruffydd ap Cynan, for the near-contemporary biography of Gruffydd details Cynan's ancestry but does not refer to him in its account of Gruffydd's youth; describing Gruffydd's mother telling him who his father was and what patrimony he could claim. Gruffydd ap Llywelyn was killed in 1063, by his own men according to Brut y Tywysogion. The Ulster Chronicle however states that it was Cynan ap Iago who killed him.

As his son Gruffydd was supposedly born c. 1055, the date of death "1039" is doubtful (Gruffydd died 1137).

Cynan's claim to the throne of Gwynedd was passed on to his son. When Gruffydd first appeared on the scene in Wales the Welsh annals several times refer to him as "grandson of Iago" rather than the more usual "son of Cynan", indicating that his father was little known in Wales. 
Iago Cynan Ap (I2665)
189 Family note says "old inside". Died in 1920's.

I can find no birth record for a William H in 1907, 1908, or 1909. However, the 1910 US Census lists a William H as living with this family on 53 Salem St. There is another William H in the family who was born in 1905 and died in 1907 (according to the Boston birth registry and a death certificate). 
Hryhorczuk William (I1789)
190 Family notes say he was from Sniatyn, Austria. This is in Galicia. Zinkowskij Stephen (I1786)
191 Family notes say she never married.

In 1910 census she lives in Boston with her family. Her occupation appears to be "stocking maker factory".
Hryhorczuk Olga (I1790)
192 Family notes say she never married. She lived in Boston. Hryhorczuk Pauline (I526)
193 Family tree source lists an alias of Betsey Hazen.
Gibson Betsey G. (I2478)
194 Father born in England, mother in Ireland.

Listed as merchant in 1900 census in South Dakota.

Listed as liquor retail merchant in 1910 census in Nevada.

See wife's notes for more information. 
Hill Michael F. (I373)
195 Father born in Indiana, mother in Ohio. Clara (I1775)
196 Father from Canada, mother from Wisconsin. Barber Lucille Harriet (I1766)
197 First husband was Barnes. She was a widow. Kirtley Mary (I1735)
198 First name may be Elizabeth. One source gives death place as Casey, Illinois. Whitesides Eliza Ann (I114)
199 First name may be spelled Terese.

In 1930 census she is living with her older sister, Irene Adeline Bloom Dana, in Davenport, Iowa.
Bloom Teresa Frances (I320)
200 Florence was called Ki. Chuck Bloom says that when Ki was a baby,. her older brother Frank would come to their mother to tell her that the baby was crying. Instead of saying 'baby cry', though, he would say 'baby ki'. Bloom Florence Adeline (I155)

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